Kellie & Chris {Lake Cavanaugh Wedding}

It has been way too long since I’ve shared photos! I had a fun and busy summer, which ended with this gorgeous lakeside wedding. Kellie & Chris got married 2 years exactly to the date he proposed, at the exact place he asked Kellie to marry him. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful location, with such a fun and good looking group of people. The bride and bridesmaids pulled up to the dock in a boat, where the groom, the rest of the wedding party, and guests waited. It was such a beautiful and intimate ceremony, and they shared the sweetest vows and were surrounded by so much support and love. The reception was just as beautiful, and full of dancing, good food and great times. I also had an amazing second shooter with me, Lauren Bentley, who I couldn’t have done the wedding without. My then 36 week pregnant self would have been lost without her. Or at the very least a lot more tired! She was incredible. Thanks again Lauren!  _MG_6051_MG_6022 _MG_6024_MG_6068 _MG_6083 _MG_6189 _MG_6213 _MG_6224 _MG_6236 _MG_6265 _MG_6275 _MG_6301 _MG_6375 _MG_6459 _MG_6486 _MG_6503 _MG_6506 _MG_6514 _MG_6517 _MG_6540 _MG_6559 _MG_6578 _MG_6619 _MG_6881 _MG_6930 _MG_6934 _MG_6967 _MG_6973 IMG_1206 IMG_1218 IMG_1466 IMG_1496 IMG_1547 IMG_1564 IMG_1571 IMG_1581 IMG_1589 IMG_1623 IMG_1632 IMG_2002

Summer Beach Sessions {Oak Harbor 2015}

My absolute favorite thing is living near the beach again. My soul feels complete when I see the waves rolling in, and there is nothing more fun than watching my kids, and the families I photograph play in and near the water. I had a super fun and hectic summer, but was so happy to squeeze in a few sessions. I ended the summer at 8 months pregnant, so was waddling all the way through pictures, but I loved every minute of it. As I sit here writing this post, it is cold and windy and wet, and it is making me miss the bright sunshine! Can it be summer again?? Here are a few of my favorites from the sessions at West Beach, Rocky Point, and Deception Pass.
_MG_4056 _MG_3976_MG_3972_MG_4155 _MG_4178 _MG_5778 _MG_5950 _MG_5969 Gorton-Tremblay_family-4 Gorton-Tremblay_family-7 Gorton-Tremblay_family-26 Gorton-Tremblay_family-29 Hawkes-family-4 Hawkes-family-5 Hawkes-family-7 Hawkes-family-16 Hawkes-family-19 Hawkes-family-24 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-2 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-5 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-22 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-40 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-42 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-47 Marshall-Spencer-Fam-48

Beautiful Whidbey Island Mamas {Breastfeeding}

Last month, in one of my local natural parenting groups, a beautiful portrait of mothers breastfeeding from Stephanie Karr Studios was shared of a group of mothers breastfeeding.  You can view the photo on her Facebook here.

We decided to get together and do a similar project with some of the local breastfeeding mamas, to help spread the message about normalizing breastfeeding. I have never done a project on this scale before with this many women and kind of short notice. A shout out to Lorissa McKay for helping organize and pose too! But it all came together, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  A couple of us were meeting for the first time so we joked about an interesting way to meet people, by taking off our shirts in a field! It ended up being a great shoot, with adorable kids of all ages and some beautiful moms. It took a lot of courage for them to show up and allow me to capture them in such raw form. I am still reeling over their bravery.

Thanks again ladies, you are all incredible!

_MG_1633 copy _MG_1660-2 _MG_1672-2 _MG_1681-2 _MG_1686-2 _MG_1688-2 _MG_1704-2 _MG_1718-2_MG_1600-1 _MG_1633 copy-2

Hillary & Zach {Oak Harbor Maternity}

Through my network of mamas on the island, I was introduced to Hillary! She is expecting a baby boy this spring and is so excited. Me too! Her and her husband Zach are wonderful people, and it was so fun to get to know them a little more during their session. I feel so spoiled living on Whidbey Island, there really is no wrong place to go for a shoot. We explored my property a little bit, and ended up at the beach — no complaints here! I love the connection these two have with each other, and their baby boy. I will also be attending and photographing his arrival, hopefully soon!
Thanks Hillary and Zach, you guys are great!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session:

_MG_9723 _MG_9727 _MG_9733 _MG_9742 _MG_9745 _MG_9786 _MG_9792 _MG_9456 _MG_9465 _MG_9519 _MG_9602 _MG_9642 _MG_9668 _MG_9678

Juliana & Tyler {Seattle 2015 Wedding}

I have been in LOVE with these photos and am so glad to finally share them on my blog!! These two are the cutest couple and had such a fun wedding group and great families. I enjoyed being there for the day with them and working with them from engagements to wedded bliss. I met Juliana at a fashion photography workshop, she was one of the models. She is super nice and a FABULOUS model. When I found out a few years later she was getting married I threw my name into the pot of photographers, and the rest is history. Getting to know her and Tyler a little bit better was so fun and I am excited to share their special day with all of you!

The ceremony took place at the Champions Centre in Tacoma and Puyallup Pavilion in Puyallup. Both gorgeous! Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Erickson-Wedding-15 Erickson-Wedding-11Erickson-Wedding-18 Erickson-Wedding-24 Erickson-Wedding-44 Erickson-Wedding-65Erickson-Wedding-79Erickson-Wedding-95 Erickson-Wedding-92 Erickson-Wedding-122Erickson-Wedding-160Erickson-Wedding-156Erickson-Wedding-161 Erickson-Wedding-245Erickson-Wedding-195 Erickson-Wedding-197 Erickson-Wedding-244Erickson-Wedding-212Erickson-Wedding-220 Erickson-Wedding-222Erickson-Wedding-241Erickson-Wedding-267 Erickson-Wedding-259Erickson-Wedding-269 Erickson-Wedding-277 Erickson-Wedding-280 Erickson-Wedding-290 Erickson-Wedding-299 Erickson-Wedding-312 Erickson-Wedding-326 Erickson-Wedding-385 Erickson-Wedding-456 Erickson-Wedding-465 Erickson-Wedding-472 Erickson-Wedding-531Erickson-Wedding-491Erickson-Wedding-512Erickson-Wedding-519Erickson-Wedding-620Erickson-Wedding-546Erickson-Wedding-549Erickson-Wedding-563Erickson-Wedding-612

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