Beautiful Whidbey Island Mamas {Breastfeeding}

Last month, in one of my local natural parenting groups, a beautiful portrait of mothers breastfeeding from Stephanie Karr Studios was shared of a group of mothers breastfeeding.  You can view the photo on her Facebook here.

We decided to get together and do a similar project with some of the local breastfeeding mamas, to help spread the message about normalizing breastfeeding. I have never done a project on this scale before with this many women and kind of short notice. A shout out to Lorissa McKay for helping organize and pose too! But it all came together, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  A couple of us were meeting for the first time so we joked about an interesting way to meet people, by taking off our shirts in a field! It ended up being a great shoot, with adorable kids of all ages and some beautiful moms. It took a lot of courage for them to show up and allow me to capture them in such raw form. I am still reeling over their bravery.

Thanks again ladies, you are all incredible!

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Hillary & Zach {Oak Harbor Maternity}

Through my network of mamas on the island, I was introduced to Hillary! She is expecting a baby boy this spring and is so excited. Me too! Her and her husband Zach are wonderful people, and it was so fun to get to know them a little more during their session. I feel so spoiled living on Whidbey Island, there really is no wrong place to go for a shoot. We explored my property a little bit, and ended up at the beach — no complaints here! I love the connection these two have with each other, and their baby boy. I will also be attending and photographing his arrival, hopefully soon!
Thanks Hillary and Zach, you guys are great!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session:

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Juliana & Tyler {Seattle 2015 Wedding}

I have been in LOVE with these photos and am so glad to finally share them on my blog!! These two are the cutest couple and had such a fun wedding group and great families. I enjoyed being there for the day with them and working with them from engagements to wedded bliss. I met Juliana at a fashion photography workshop, she was one of the models. She is super nice and a FABULOUS model. When I found out a few years later she was getting married I threw my name into the pot of photographers, and the rest is history. Getting to know her and Tyler a little bit better was so fun and I am excited to share their special day with all of you!

The ceremony took place at the Champions Centre in Tacoma and Puyallup Pavilion in Puyallup. Both gorgeous! Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

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Baby Rose {Washington Birth Photography}

I was once again able to be there with my little sister as she gave birth to another beautiful baby. Almost 2 years ago she had her little guy Jude (seen here) which was a hard labor but she handled it all wonderfully. It is so incredible to be able to witness the birth of a brand new baby, let alone a brand new nephew or niece! Shortly after making the decision to move to Washington, my little sister told us she was expecting, and that she’d like to have me document the birth. I was super excited of course! Though we live about 4.5 hours away from each other, we decided to try to make it work. She was having some contractions so I headed out just before she was 40 weeks, in case things picked up. Well Baby Rose decided she wasn’t quite ready yet and just loved being in utero too much. So I decided to stay until Julia’s 40 week appointment and go from there. The appointment came and went and still very little progress from her previous weeks. At her 41 week appointment, her doctor said he would let her go another week, so I readied myself to head back home and come back when her labor started presumably the next week. The day before I was going to head back, after Julia had finally walked enough and tried almost all labor inducing tricks, at 41 weeks and 1 day, Baby Rose was on her way! I went with them to the hospital and got settled in to start taking pictures. Things moved along pretty quickly, and Julia once again was a master of her body. She calmly and carefully made her way through each contraction and was able to have Rose within 5 hours of being admitted. And her husband Matt was a perfect birth partner and they worked together perfectly. It was an amazing experience to witness, and then I got to get lots of auntie snuggles in!

Baby Caleb {Oak Harbor Birth Photography}

In October, I had the lovely Kelsey contact me. She was a week and a half away from her due date, and had decided she would love to have her home birth documented. She had made some last minute decisions, and decided to have her fifth baby at home with a midwife! I was really excited to get her call, and luckily was able to make it to Baby Caleb’s incredible birth.

I have been at a loss for words writing this post, it was such a surreal experience to say the least. I was able to observe the support, love, and overwhelming journey that took place late in the evening at Kelsey’s home. I always try to let the pictures do the talking, but this time I feel like I need to give a little background, and tell the story a little bit. I texted her the morning before she went into labor asking how she was feeling, and she said fine, but was frustrated things hadn’t started yet, she was ready! Sure enough, later that night she said to make sure I was ready to go. I had everything charged, packed, and kids tucked in bed. I was ready! Well, as ready as one can be for the unknown of a birth! I got the text that things were progressing, and I made my way over to Kelsey & Curtis’ home. The feeling in the air when I walked in was energized. Things had just started moving from the beginning stages of labor, and were getting serious. Curtis had built a fire outside for her to labor next to, which was perfect. She could cool off in the crisp air but keep a little warm by the fire. Curtis was by her side constantly, and was a perfect support. It was a bit of a full house, there were 2 amazing midwives, 2 doulas, Kelsey’s mother, her friend Rachel, and her 4 other boys! They were all rooting for her, and it was beyond incredible to watch the amount of love and support Kelsey and baby Caleb had to get them through this. I am still in awe. Kelsey struggled for hours, but powered through. She was able to go to her own place in her mind, and work through all of the pain. She was and is one strong mama! Curtis was able to catch the baby as he entered this world, and all of her boys were so excited he was here. I was so happy to document it. This is why I do what I do, so families can remember how special, and truly amazing the birth journey is.

The photos at the end are from the next day, I went back the afternoon after, and grabbed a few shots of all the family. Their boys are so darn cute!!

All images copyright of Aly Willis Photography.

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